Automatic Slabs Loading System CCA30V

Automatic system for slab loading, composed of a taking unit and a sending unit. The taking unit, thanks to 30 suction pads, takes the slab from the slab carrier supports and, running on rails, goes to a roller conveyor (sending unit). Such conveyor sends the slabs to the processing machine and on the same time the taking unit comes back to the thrust bearing, ready for a new cycle of picking up. You can load slabs with maximal weight kgs 1000 and following material/maximal dimensions:

       - width mm 1000/2200

       - length mm 1600/3700

       - thickness mm 20/150

       - n. 11 rolls made of inox steel diameter mm 90

       - dimensions mm 4000x2200xH800

       - capacity kg 1000

       - total installed power kW 8,05

       m 8 rails for trolley

       - rail gauge wheel base mm 4185


couple of slab carrier supports


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