The machine is made up of a two axes system and is suitable to automatically withdraw a strip of marble or granite from block cutting machine by means of a vacuum device and deposit it on a pallet. This operation is automatic and continuous.

       - steel pathways to be installed on columns spacers

       - transversal load bearing bridge sliding on overhead

         pathways and operated for movement by motor with

         variable speed

       - taking arm complete of suction cups bearing movable

         upwards and downwards and operated with motor with

         variable speed with positioning brake

       - vertical strip unloading on two strips one on top of the other

         and horizontal with 90° rotation

       - automatic and manual movements

       - box equipped with control panel and programme of

         operating cycle

       - great capacity vacuum pump

       - accident prevention-safety devices

       - up-down motor power kW 1,85

       - near-far motor power kW 0,75

       - vacuum pump motor power kW 3

       - strip maximum width mm 620

       - strip maximum length mm 3500

       - taking depth mm 5000

       - capacity kg 250

       - total installed power kW 5,6


       Description of the cycle:

       - fast pre-positioning before horizontal cut

       - supporting to cuption cups strip after horizontal disc pass

       - strip taking and lifting

       - high speed return with acceleration and deceleration ramp

       - strip leaving

       - compressed-air-puff for cuption cups removal from strip

       - new pre-positioning near to horizontal disc taking plane



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