The unloader mod. B.V. allows to automatically unload strips of marble and granite of different thickness. All the structure is made of electro-welded tubolar steel. The vertical handling is through steel chains moved by a ratio-motor. The horizontal handling is by means of rack-pinion connection moved by a ratio-motor. The movement is protected by a special anti-corrosive cover. A PLC installed inside the electric board controls and operates both the manual and automatic processing cycles. Green epoxy bi-component painting RAL 6011.

       - up-down motor power kW 1,85

       - trolley movement motor power kW 0,75

       - belt forwarding motor power kW 0,35

       - overall dimensions mm 4350x4000x3000

       - maximum thickness to unload mm 120

       - maximum weight to unload kg 700

       - total installed power kW 2,9




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