Drying Oven for Tiles FORBV/600 M

The drying oven is mainly used for the preparation of marble and granite strips or slabs in the epoxy resin tapping cycle by means of a special air blow-by, gas feeded generator. The structure consists of a chain drive roller table made of electric-welded steel. The bent sheet box containing the hot air generator is installed on it. The whole structure is rigorously closed and insulated so that both loss of heat and consumptions are limited. The switch board is made of sheet steel 15/10, protection index is IP55.

The production capacity of the oven may be adapted for many requirements as it is possible to change as one wishes both the temperature exercise and also the continuous advancing speed by means of a programmable instrument installed on the electric board. The combustible consumption is extremely limited thanks to the air blow-by system.

       - air circulation ventilator (n 3 upper and n 1 lower) n. 4

       - air circulation motor power kW 0,25

       - oven consisting of bent sheet parts, installed on roller table

       - table with metallic chain mm 10.000

       - length of hot air generator mm 8.000

       - useful working width mm 620

       - thermal potentiality kcal 150.000

       - speed advancing visualization

       - exercise temperature visualization on liquid crystal display

       - programmable exercise temperature setting

       - air capacity m3/h 14.000

       - advancing speed electronic adjustment

       - chain advancing motor kW 1,1

       - total installed power kW 16,85

       - advancing speed m/min 1÷5


       the structure is thermal insulated


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