FOBV/600 M IR + IR

The puttying heating unit mod. FOBV/600 M allows the hardening of the putty spread on the tiles by means of high-efficiency infrared halogen lamps. The structure is composed of an electro-welded steel roller table with chain drive. The boxes, made of galvanized bent steel, contain the infrared lamps. The heating unit has two lifting grommets that permit to lift the whole structure. The electric board is made with steel plate 15/10, degree of protection IP 55. All the infrared lamps are protected with fast action fuses installed on the electric board.

       - motorized metallic chain

       - n 5 drying ventilators

       - oven with n 9 infrared halogen lamps

       - space for puttying mm 4000

       - oven with n 6 infrared halogen lamps

       - ventilators motor power kW 1,1

       - chain forwarding motor power kW 1,1

       - 2200 w infrared ray lamps

       - length mm 12000

       - useful width mm 620





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