Finishing Unit for Slabs L/2000 F

The finishing unit for slabs mod. L2000/F allows the final processing of the slabs: drying by means of hot air fans and polishing by means of brushes with felts and washing brushes. The structure is a carpentry enbloc made of electro-welded steel. The hot air fans and the unit with the brushes are installed on it. Green epoxy bi-component painting RAL 6011. The finishing unit has two grommets to lift the whole structure. The electric board has a protection degree equal to IP 55. It is built with steel plate, thickness 15/10.

       - motorized roller table mm 4000

       - friction rolls diameter mm 110

       - washing brush n 1

       - ventilator n 1

       - brush cotton discs n 1

       - roll forwarding motor power kW 0,55

       - washing brush motor power kW 1,1

       - ventilator motor power kW 3

       - brush with cotton discs motor power kW 4

       - total table width mm 3010

       - roll wheelbase mm 435

       - water consumption l/min 20

       - total installed power kW 8,6



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