Marble Slab Polishing Machine LLBV/2000 M

Polishing machine for slabs mod. LLBV/2000 M allows to polish and grind slabs of marble of different thickness. Its structure is composed of a normalized grinded base made of electro-welded steel, and of a moving bridge made of stiffened steel. The single, cast iron operating heads are positioned on the bridge. It is installed on the base a nonskid conveyor belt, covered with rubber, to avoid undesirable movements of the slabs during the processing. The bridge motion is by means of wheels in oil bath. It is possible to adjust their speed through an inverter installed on the electric board. All the mechanical guides can be set to adjust the clearance. All the water supply pipes are dimensioned in such a way that they allow an adequate dressing of the abrasive wheels. The electric board is built with steel plate, thickness 15/10, painted with RAL 7032. Its degree of protection is IP 55. A PLC installed inside the electric board controls the adjustments, the movements, the diagnostic and the alarms. A multi-pages graphic terminal makes easier its employment and control. An insulated transformer for 380V network voltage and output 48V is installed inside the electric board for all the control bodies to guarantee the safety of the operator in case of breakdown. All the motor protective devices (fuses, magnetothermics and thermal relays) are dimensioned for each single motor to intervene in case of anomaly to protect it.

       10 to 16 polishing units

       - useful polishing width mm 2100

       - maximum workable thickness mm 100

       - polishing plates diameter mm 450

       - number of sectors type Frankfurt for plate n 7

       - bridge motion motor power kW 3x2

       - polishing head motor power kW 7,5

       - belt forwarding motor power kW 1,85

       - belt forwarding speed m/min min. 0,5 - max. 2,8

       - slab reading survey system by means of

         direct reflection photo cells

       - displayed abrasive consumption check

       - production check

       - belt forwarding speed electronic adjustment




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